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Since 2012, Sepia Prime Communications & Coaching (formerly Sepia Prime Woman) has hosted the BOLD Move Event.  This event is designed to help people of faith embrace the challenges of life, business and ministry.  


At the beginning of 2020 we scheduled the event for October 9-10, 2020; however COVID19 restrictions have limited the size of gatherings.  As creative solutionists, we get to find new ways of getting out the message of courageous actions -- BOLD Moves -- in spite of what you have to face.


We invite you to join us virtually for three days of fear-busting, faith building and dream provoking discussions by some of the people I respect and admire most.  You don't have to pay for a hotel room or put gas in your car.  You can join us for the BOLD Move Event from anywhere in the world.


Register here: