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After The BOLD Move Event: N E X T

You can't stay there -- at the BOLD Move Event I mean. We might like to stay in the mental space of a life-changing atmosphere because of how good the atmosphere is, but we can't. How often have you left an event, floating on a cloud of positive vibes and purpose, until you weren't? After the BOLD Move, or any other event there is work to be done. This work to be done afterwards is the whole point of any authentic event. Are you ready to do the work? If you want more than nostalgic chills, here are four (well there are actually five) questions to get you started:

What has changed?

Goose pimples aside, life-changing events are just that -- they are supposed to change something about your life, hopefully in how you think. While we can gain a new perspective on an issue or ourselves during an event, the danger happens when we go back to our normal lives, and the old perspective kicks in like clockwork. If we don't do the work of guarding and feeding the new way of thinking, the old thoughts and patterns will remain, and the truth we learned comes under attack by the "reality" of day-to-day living. If the new way of thinking gets swallowed up in the old patterns, was the event really life-changing?

What conflicts do you recognize between your new way of thinking and your current life?

You should be in a battle now. Your new perspective is now confronting the life you have been living. Have you begun to recognize places where you must change or decide to stay where you are? The conflict could even be simply how you view yourself. We walk out life based on how we perceive our ability to move. If you experienced freedom and came home to limitations, fight to remain free in your mind first! Freedom is the ability to be ALL of who you were created to be, but it does not come without a fight. There is a world system invested in you being who you were told to be, limitations and all. There are relationships based on your living a life without freedom. You may even be part of an organization that restricts your ability to be truly free. Living a life of freedom requires that you don’t conform to societal limitations, but be transformed (this is a mind thing) by understanding who you really are.

What am I willing to do?

You can have all the evidence for a new life in your hands and still choose to remain passive, silent or stuck. Change happens in our thinking and is manifested in our actions – our lives. If you haven’t written any plans or action steps, take the time to write them down today. For those who attended the BOLD Move Event, I will be asking via e-mail for yours tomorrow (so you have a day to get them ready 😊). You can make a step, even if it is a small one, but act on what you now know. Let your actions reflect what you have learned about yourself. Who are you?

Who will hold you accountable?

A dream, a plan, a vision kept to oneself is in danger of being forgotten by the dreamer. We are still talking about the biblical Joseph’s dream because he told someone. We ponder the “I Have A Dream” Speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., because he told someone. Carefully consider who can hold you accountable with integrity and without condemnation. Write down the plan for your dream or your vision. Prayerfully examine if it lines up with what you now know. Write it completely, including the hard parts. Finally, share it with those you trust to hold you accountable for completing it.

Next is now, not January 1st. Let’s get started.

Michele Aikens is Lead Coach at Sepia Prime Communications and Coaching. Connect with her on Twitter @SepiaPrimeWoman, or via e-mail at

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