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Beat Those Minimizing Thoughts, Words & Actions

I think we recognize when minimizing thoughts, words and actions come from others, but how do we handle it when those things come from inside of us? At the base of every success story is the wrestle we must do with the voices inside of us that say, "You can't do it." Here are some tips to help you overcome them.

L – Lean into what you are hearing. If it is the sense that you can’t, consider why you feel that way about something you want to do. Are you physically tired, intellectually unprepared or emotionally unsettled? All these things will affect your ability to believe you can meet a goal. If physically tired, get a good night’s sleep, monitor and balance your diet, and get some exercise. If you aren’t prepared intellectually, do the work: take a course, read the book, do the research. If you are emotionally unsettled, consider whether this goal is yours or someone else’s. Are you attempting to meet a goal that is no longer a priority for you?

A – Avoid people who agree with your minimizing thoughts. How do you recognize them? They use phrases like this: “Yeah, I thought that was a big undertaking for you.” “Do you think that’s too much?” And what is becoming my least favorite, “Manage your expectations.” Find people who will challenge you upward, not motivate you downward.

R - Remember your life priorities. If this goal is part of what you believe you are created to do, avoiding it will create an uneasy acceptance of putting purpose on the back shelf of your daily life. You will begin to resemble (inside) those I call “the walking dead.” They have movement and the ability to destroy but lack what gives real life.

G – Confront the “grasshopper” mindset. I read about a group of people who didn't believe they were ready to occupy a new place. They compared themselves to the people already there and saw themselves as grasshoppers. When we look through the eyes of intimidation, our efforts, plans and gifts seem insignificant. Avoid comparing, period.

E – Execute the tasks you have been avoiding. The only way to see the value of who you are and what you are created to do is to DO the things that you are afraid to do. You may miss your goal by some, but I guarantee you will come closer than if you do nothing.

Michele Aikens is CEO and Lead Coach of Sepia Prime Communications & Coaching. Connect with her here:

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