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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I've been hearing this term a lot lately. I first became familiar with term "Pivot" when my daughter played basketball in high school. I learned that when a player was being guarded by strong opposing players, a pivot at the right time could free the player up to score. The act of pivoting was always intriguing for me to watch because on the surface it was a simple move that could change a play or even the game. Pivots also seemed to happen in my seeing, when a player was guarded heavily to where movement wasn't possible. I talked to my daughter about the components of a successful pivot and here's what she told me:

1. You must plant your feet on a spot.

2. Once you plant your feet you can't dribble.

3. You are supposed to be looking for what to do with the ball: shoot or pass.

As you consider how you are being affected by COVID19, perhaps it's for you to pivot.

1. Commit to a course of action or a line of thinking. Start with this question: What do I want to do? The question of what you want can be difficult because often our wants are covered up with what everyone else things we should want. Your work situation might change as a result of COVID19. Are you prepared to address what happens next?

2. Don't complain about the lack of activity, embrace it. Stop trying to fill time and distract yourself from this valuable place of introspection. Allow yourself to be still. Admit any disappointments or fears you may have/be experiencing. Then re-visit what you want to do, with this follow-up question: What can I do to move me closer to what I want today?

3. Look for opportunities. First look for ways to be who you want to be at this time in your life. If you want to dance more, then put on the music and dance! If you want to learn a new skill, do it! Find ways to enjoy yourself right now. Secondly, look for ways to enlarge the vision you have for yourself in the future. Is there a business on the horizon? A new relationship? Travel? I challenge you to take the limits off and ask this question: What can I see?

Michele Aikens is CEO and Lead Coach of Sepia Prime Communications and Coaching (SPCC). Connect with her via e-mail here.

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