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Consider The Possibilities

While the empty nest syndrome is changing (some adult birds are flying back home or delaying their departure for economic reasons), the fact is those adult birds don’t need you like they did as children. Let their independence be the wind beneath your wings of independence. What have you always wanted to do: learn a language, go to a dance class or take a course at the library or community college? Guess what, you don’t need a babysitter – go do it!

Re-discover something you wanted to do as a younger person. Have you always wanted to write a book, or create art? Use some part of your new free time to rediscover a part of yourself that got lost in the process of “wife-ing and mothering”. You could even consider starting a business or a lucrative hobby.

Get in shape. I’m really looking for an exercise that I like, but if I keep looking I’m going to find one. As a little girl I was sick often, so I didn’t get to run and play a lot. I want to take up running and I have found someone who may want to mentor me. You don’t have to run, you can learn yoga, belly dancing, Pilates or weight lifting. Dance can also be your exercise go-to, just do it regularly.

Get together with friends or make new ones. Friends are good for us. Meet up to see a movie, organize a paint party or meet regularly for coffee at a fun place where you can catch up, listen and be heard.

Find your favorite shade of red lipstick. I am pleasantly surprised at how great red lipstick goes with silver hair!

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