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Don't Be Afraid -- GROW!

I talk with a leader regularly who has a huge workload and lots of opportunities, but chooses to operate as a one-man band. I gently remind him and others like him, "You won't grow unless you include others in your business. There's only so much that you, alone, can do." He is afraid that if he brings someone else into his business and they make a mistake, he will "lose it all." Growth can be scary and we must take risks in order to grow.

If you know that it's time to grow in an area and have a struggle, I invite you to work through your concerns using the GROW coaching model. If you follow the steps, it will work:

G: What is the goal you want to accomplish? Get it clearly in your mind; dream about it

R: What is the reality -- where are you now?

O: What are the obstacles you will need to confront

W: How willing are you to do what needs to be done, change habits, etc, to reach that goal?

And speaking of Growth, I am excited to welcome Krystina Perkins to our coaching team. Krystina is a Master Life Coach and certified speaker who has been helping clients break through their own obstacles that have held them back in life for almost a decade. Krystina will be facilitating the "I Win" Coaching series that starts in April. You can register for this life-changing workshop here

Sepia Prime Communications & Coaching is expanding, and we are cheering your growth too. This year we will be offering new programs and connections that will help you meet goals and live life with joy and courage. Don't be afraid; write your answers to the GROW coaching questions, reach out for help and let's GROW together.

Michele Aikens is CEO and Lead Coach of Sepia Prime Communications & Coaching. Connect with her here:

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