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Elephant In the Room: You Don't Have A Clue About What to Do Next

The pressure to get things “back on track” is exacting a greater toll now. The world has mostly opened back as we learn to live with COVID19, but things haven’t “gone back to normal.” There is a brand new normal that we haven’t seen before. These have been challenging times for people at all levels, personally and professionally. Whether you are grappling with a decision to leave your job or expand your company, there have been a lot of changes over the last couple of years. Need a refresher?

· The entire world was on lockdown for the better part of two years, and individuals and companies had to figure out on the fly how to make being apart work together.

· Institutions like schools, churches and universities, whose lifeblood depended on people showing up, had to find another way to connect and educate with those who weren’t in the building.

· Many of us lost people and couldn’t mourn them the way we normally would.

· Parents had to figure out how to work with children in the house, at school. We learned to make use of our homes by creating boundaries for work, home, and school. (I still respect my tradition of closing my office door at home when I am finished working – it is a reminder that that part of the day is done).

· We rediscovered what it was like to ride a bike in the neighborhood with our children or alone, to entertain each other at home because everything else was closed, we witnessed and participated in “drive-by” celebrations and experienced the wonder people in Italy singing together from their individual balconies.

· When the world opened back up, we had changed. We knew on some level that we couldn’t go back to what was.

So here we are facing what Forbes called, “the great recalibration.” I’m not writing to tell you what to do; I’m suggesting that you learn how to “be”.

Have you ever thought there was more for you?

Prior to the COVID19 lockdowns, we were focused on our doing. The last two years allowed us to sit and think about what we’re doing and why, and today we are seeing the results of this self examination. I know it sounds weird, but take a moment to consider the human doing versus the human being. My friend Ken Cheatham used to say, “If you want to write a book, you have to be the person who writes books.” What does that writer do when she wakes up in the morning? When and where does he write? To whom does the writer write?

Can you be the catalyst your company or your life needs? What parts of your being do you need to invite to the conference table: is it the artist in you that sees solutions in vivid color? Is there a “tinkerer” in you that you that asks hard questions and figures out how to "make different things work together"? Rather than continue the "doing" while hoping everything magically returns to normal, why not take some to allow the human “being” to help you recalibrate the next phase of your work and your life.

Michele Aikens is the CEO & Lead Coach of Sepia Prime Communications & Coaching.

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