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Pretty...But Broken

I reached for a piece of jewelry this morning to wear with. It’s not a piece I wear often but I thought it would add just the right amount of pop to my wrist. As I picked it up I remembered that it was part of a set; this wasn’t the bracelet it was the necklace. It looked like the bracelet because it was broken. I remembered this piece has been broken for a while, and even though it’s costume jewelry, it is so pretty I didn’t want to throw it out.

Are you keeping something around because of an attachment you have to it, even though it no longer serves any purpose in your life? Is there a relationship that causes you pain, yet you stay in that relationship because of familiarity? Is there a place that is pleasant and non-threatening that you should have left a long time ago because you are dying there?

Why do we engage in things past their time of purpose in our lives? Some of us look real good drowning in the quicksand of fear and mediocrity. Like that piece of broken jewelry, we look good, but we aren’t serving purpose. No one was put here by God to be pretty, broken and purposeless. You were created to solve a problem, and I believe your life’s work is to figure out what that problem is and solve it. You have a purpose outside of being decoration.

There are different kinds of brokenness. There is the brokenness that happens to us when we encounter people who don’t honor our uniqueness and abuse us spiritually, physically or emotionally. A synonym of broken is fragmented. When we suffer dishonor at the hands of others, it can cause us to be fragmented in how we view ourselves. We say or believe things like: “I’m good at my job but bad in relationships,” or “Even though I go over and above in the work I do for God, I still feel like a fake,” or possibly, “I want to help the everyone, but I don’t deserve to be helped”, or my personal favorite, “I’m long-suffering and kind, but everyone else is mean to me.” When we are broken in this way it’s difficult to achieve the purpose you were created for because there’s a lie at your core that is influencing your life.

There is the also the kind of brokenness that leads to healing. When a leg gets broken I’m told that doctors must “set the bone” so that it heals. When we confront our own brokenness and are willing to share it with another person; a minister, a coach, a therapist or a friend, we allow someone to help us “set” that broken place. While we are healing, we need to protect the places where we are broken. Doctors use a cast that hardens and protects a healing bone; the cast is hard enough to protect the bone against intentional or accidental hits. We must also protect our healing places from the people and circumstances that can cause re-injury. Sometimes we must eliminate a relationship, place of being or another situation all together. Other times it is a mindset we have to let go of. Are you ready to release the mindset that claims victimhood in every circumstance? Are you ready to forgive and move on? Yes, forgiveness is also part of the healing process. Consider this passage of scripture:

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

(Psalm 34:18)

There is no reason for you to remain broken. There are people who want to help you, and you have God who promises to be close to you in your broken-hearted condition. So, stop settling for looking good on the outside while being broken inside. Value who you are enough to get the help you need.

You are loved,

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