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What Do I Want?

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Do you remember a few weeks back when I wrote a blog entitled, “What do you want?”  I talked about how difficult it is for some of us to identify what we really want versus what we think we should want or what others want for us.  Well I had an “aha-hour” as I mopped the floors in the quiet of my house.

I realized two things during cleaning time:  1, that I was grateful for the time to do it, and 2, that I would rather be doing something else.  With nothing but my thoughts, cleaning products and a mop and broom to keep me company, I considered what I would rather be doing.  “Anything else,” I thought with some irritation.  The still small voice inside me was firm and insistent, “What do you want?”  and all of a sudden, I knew:

  • I want an end to clutter in my life. Not just the physical clutter, but the emotional, financial and spiritual clutter.  I want to be able to identify quickly what’s going on in or outside of me, unhindered by unresolved “stuff”.

  • I want to live simply and well below my means. In the remake of “The Fly” Jeff Goldblum’s character had a closet full of the same outfit with the explanation, “I never have to think about what I’m going to wear.”  If I could get away with that I would.

  • I want the soothing sound of a water fountain when I come into my house.

  • I want to visit the ocean three or four times a year, and not rush away from it.

  • I want the end to all relationships where I feel tolerated, put up with or where people make the coo-coo sign about me behind my back. If that’s you, no hard feelings.  It’s been…well just bye.

  • I want to go to Bali and the Fiji Islands.

  • Right now that part of me that wants world peace would like to insert what she wants for everyone else. You won’t hear from her because she doesn’t have the microphone right now.

  • I want to write more, and I want the things I write to be produced, either as a book, play, film or something that will be helpful to somebody.

  • I want a kitchen that accommodates gatherings of friends and family and laughter.

  • I want to help people who feel as if they’ve failed to see they can get back up and succeed.

  • I want music – lots of it!

  • I want to one day stand before Jesus and see him hold back a chuckle when he looks at my life and then say, “Well done. Let’s spend some time together before the rest of your friends get here.

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Did you notice the absence of what I want for others?  Can you identify what you want without blaming or making someone else responsible for fulfilling those wants?  What do you want?

Michele Aikens is a certified Transitional and Executive Coach. Contact her here to find out more about her services.

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