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Who Would You Be If You Weren't Afraid

I started writing this almost a year ago; the draft has been sitting in my outbox since December 13th. I started asking this question last Fall to others but had yet to fully consider the implications of it for myself.

Who would I be if I wasn't afraid? Here's the irony of my work: I know that I was created to help people find the courage to become what they were created by God to be; that is the role of every minister, or leader who believes that we were created for something larger than ourselves, by One we can't physically see. Whether it is done through coaching, books, stage plays, or one-on-one conversations, my end game is ALWAYS to provoke others to see themselves outside of what may be their current, limiting circumstance(s). Now to the ironic part: I do it afraid. Every conversation, production or book reminds me that it might not work, I might be misunderstood, they could not like what I say, or I may be downright offensive (a common occurrence, by the way). The possibility of it "not turning out right" strikes at the heart of my performance-oriented nature before every undertaking -- I don't want to fail.

I'm not the only one with the contradiction of purpose and a fear designed to directly confront that purpose. You, too, have the built-in combo of supernatural grace to accomplish something, and crippling fear which confronts that grace. The question, therefore, is not "Who would you be if you weren't afraid; when we consider the power of what has been entrusted to our hands, we all get a little scared. The real question is "Will your fears overpower your purpose?"

I'm not saying pretend your fears don't exist; part of living a life of purpose is recognizing the fear but choosing to live fully anyway. I challenge you: look at where you are most fearful, and you could discover the answer to what you are meant to be.

Michele Aikens is a certified and credentialed coach, Board member of the International Coaching Federation-Chicago, and CEO of Sepia Prime Communications & Coaching. Follow her on Twitter @SepiaPrimeWoman, or Instagram

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