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Why Is It So Hard To Make A BOLD Move?

I did not just start saying this: “It’s time to make a BOLD Move,” I have been doing so now for almost a decade. “What BOLD Move?”, you might ask. The one that has been in your heart to make for years, or maybe for as long as you can remember. I am not here to tell you what your BOLD move is but to challenge you that it is time to make it – it may even be now or never for your BOLD Move.

The BOLD Move you need to make is both daunting and familiar. Daunting because you will need to become someone else in order to make that move: if you want to write a book, you must become a writer, if you want to start a business, you must become a business owner, if you want to lose weight, you must become a person who thinks differently about health. All these moves require a significant change in how you think, and as a common cliché notes, “The hardest thing to change is a mind.” To overhaul years of minimizing thought patterns that say ‘you can’t’ is the biggest part of any BOLD Move. Some of us must turn off the trusted voices of our teachers that said we would never be good enough to pursue the career that was in our hearts. We may have to disconnect from family systems that say, “we don’t achieve, we simply survive.” Notice I did not say disconnect from the family – just the systemic thinking that limits your ability to move out of those familiar patterns. Some of you may even have to disengage from relationships that fed your “small” and not your “great.”

Even as it is daunting, your BOLD Move will also feel familiar at the most basic level of your being. The move that you must make is part of your reason for being alive at this time. It is the dream that you had as a child that you got talked out of as you matured because “it wasn’t practical.” I am remembering a famous comedian on a late-night show who said his mom told him, “Boy you can’t make any money telling jokes.” He looked at the camera and said, “Look ma!” I might not be able to make a living telling jokes, but there are some funny enough, and a world that needs to laugh enough, that makes a lucrative comedic career possible for others. Even as we fearfully consider making that BOLD Move, there is something beyond all the voices of doubt that might feel like relief, or a distant light. I consider that thing purpose.

The reason Making BOLD Moves is so hard is that we must first confront the voices, mindsets and fears that have kept us “snoozing”. At any point we can give in to fear or comfort and chose to merely exist. It reminds me of the movie, The Matrix, where those who thought there were living were simply plugged into a machine that took from their bodies and fed their minds a lie. The ones who pursued purpose first had to choose it (which pill), and then had to experience the pain of the lies they had been living (being plugged into a system with only the appearance of life). You must choose to move BOLDLY or continue to exist as you are. If that existence works for you, I am sorry to have taken up so much of your time.

But if something within you is calling you to launch out, I invite you to join us at the BOLD Move Event.

You are loved,


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