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You Can Begin Again

It has been a rough ride for almost two years. From pandemics to variants to political and social unrest, to supply chain issues (human and otherwise), surviving may feel like one big circular whirlwind. The need to do business and life, while weathering the latest storm

can make you feel as if you are running in place or even losing ground. But you can move forward. Here's how:

  1. Learn from your pivots. Remember the adjustments you made from work, to home, and back to work? Remember the new offerings that you never would have discovered had your primary business not been shut down? You responded to hurdles and gained valuable intelligence while calculating your next position and pivoting to it. You also learned some new things about your own creative ability and resilience.

  2. Practice new ways of standing. When the winds of change blew, you learned how to plant your feet and stand despite the pressure to lie down and give up. You figured out how to posture your business differently; how to position your strengths to a new group of people, how to motivate yourself when no one else was around. You may have even learned how to do another job while working a different one. Don't forget what you learned. Use those new ways of standing, posturing and motivating yourself to plot the direction you want to go.

  3. Identify where you have made impact. You discovered some things about yourself and your ability to influence others. Do you understand better what moves you to passion and action? There are people waiting for your words, example, and insights. Use what you now know about yourself to move in the direction of possibly your greatest influence.

  4. Invest in yourself. If you consider what you have learned, stood through and who you have impacted, realize the value that you bring to the world. The world doesn't benefit from your playing small, but we are all better when each of us shines without apology. What do you need to do for yourself? Do you need to confront fears or old mindsets? Invest in a coach or join a support group. Is there a skill you need to learn that will prepare you for the next step in your business or personal life? Take the course, read the book, or volunteer to increase your competence in that area.

Some may be waiting for an invitation to start again like January 1st, or a birthday, or the next fiscal year. Don't wait for a date on the calendar, put what you learned about yourself in the last 21 months into practice now. If you need help, we have some affordable coaching products that will help you get started now. If you want to connect, here's a personal invitation to contact me directly: I would also love to see you at our January 8th Re-Writing The Script Workshop.

The world is open and waiting for you. Use what you have learned to courageously embrace the future.

You are loved.

Michele Aikens is CEO & Lead Coach of Sepia Prime Communications & Coaching, Inc.

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