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"Michele Aikens is a qualified, skilled, empowered, dependable, and integrous leader.  My five-year experience with her has always been insightful, encouraging and edifying.  She is excellent at leading groups of people to their assigned destination."

Greg Howse, Director

Cornerstone Christian School

Executive Coaching Sessions are designed to help you gain increased self- awareness and clarity of your leadership abilities and opportunities.  As you identify and attain the performance goals you set, you will increase influence as a leader and find confidence that impacts every area of your life.

Michele Aikens, ACC, Lead Coach
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"Michele Aikens is warm, compassionate and engaging.  Her words and presentation on Team Building and Conflict Resolution were professional, purposeful and effective.  Feedback from our team included the following comments: 'We need this kind of personal development three times a year,' and 'We are a better team with the tools and strategies to improve our organization.'  Their work with your team will be powerful."

Dr. Monica Cole-Jackson,

Educational Mentor

"Michele Aikens, ACC is an exceptional career coach! I have had the pleasure of working with her for the past 18 months and her wisdom and approach have helped me see things in a new way. What I appreciate most is the giant mirror she holds up for you to really see self. I appreciate and love you Michele! If you need a fresh perspective on your journey, professional or otherwise, you need to meet and work with Michele Aikens." 

S. El-Moursi, COO, Brighthive

"I absolutely KNOW that Life Coaching is a necessity for anyone who may be stagnant or at a crossroads in life. I know I was. My relationships were not healthy and they weren’t producing the results necessary in growing as an individual. My home was in chaos and I was frustrated and closed off. Coaching sessions with Michele helped me to identify patterns of ineffective communication. I learned that I WAS NOT A VICTIM! I was not stagnant nor stuck. The ability to move forward was only as good as my choice to be DECISIVE and ACT!"                                                     C.M. Chicago, IL